WhiteBrights® FrequentSmiler® Program

Put your Smile on Automatic & Save!  Never be caught with a YELLOW smile again, EVER!  Sound good?  

Keep reading because there is, even more, to smile about with this exclusive program by WhiteBrights®.  

  • FREE Shipping on every order
  • FREE replacement batteries for all White Brights® battery-operated devices purchased
  • Discounts on all of your future Smile Maintenance products
  • A Lifetime Warranty on your White Brights® LED, Light Emitting Diode product

This is all part of the WhiteBrights® Auto Smile Program. Sign up for Auto Smile and we'll automatically deliver replacement gels and accessories for your WhiteBrights® Bright, Brighter, or Brightest Box as well as our line of Smile Maintenance Products. Just tell us how often to ship (you read that correctly, you get to decide on how often!) to you and we will deliver your teeth whitening supplies to use with your WhiteBrights® Teeth Whitening System automatically.  Not to mention our exclusive TwinPower® Smile Foam, Stay White Pen, etc.  Set the date and forget about it. Its like autopilot for your White Brights® smile.

When you join the WhiteBrights® Frequent Smiler Program, you will receive free shipping, free replacement batteries, and free extended warranty as long as you are enrolled in the program.

Hows does it work? Simple. Use the form below to sign up. Tell us what to ship (Refresh Pak, Partner Pak, or any other item in our catalog). Tell us how often to ship. (You can always change your shipping frequency.) Leave a payment method on file, and well ship when you tell us. And if you need batteries, let us know, and well toss them in with the shipment free of charge. You may cancel your enrollment at any time*. See how easy that is? What good is that white bright smile if you don't have plenty of reasons to use it?

*Cancellation and changes to delivery schedules must be received at least five days before your regular delivery date.

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